NBN™ Enterprise Ethernet Plans

Choose a suitable plan for your business and enjoy a robust NBN™ Enterprise grade service with UnifiedNet™
NBN™ Enterprise Ethernet is available on the NBN Fixed-Line footprint only. Manual feasibility is required for every premise to determine customer Fibre Build Contribution amount (Category A, B, or C). NBN Fibre will be built on receive of an order. NBN™ Enterprise Ethernet access method will be terminated using the Cisco ME1200 Network Terminating Unit. An NBN Business Terminating Device (BTD) is always installed by NBN to terminate the NBN Fibre. NBN Installation will include 80m of cabling from NBN infrastructure to the BTD/NTD located in End user premises. Where Fibre distances are greater than this, the customer will be notified of any additional cost prior to completing the work. Below NBN Class of Service, levels are supported on UnifiedNet's NBN™ Enterprise Ethernet: Low and High. • NBN CoS level “Low” delivers traffic as Excess Information Rate (EIR) only and as such is “best efforts” only. CoS Low supports IP-Line, IPVPN Best Effort and e-Line V3 (TC4) only. • NBN CoS level “High” delivers traffic with a Committed Information Rate (CIR) only, intended to support services that demand low latency, jitter and loss tolerance. CoS High supports IP-Line, IPVPN (BD, Simple, and Flexi QoS), e-Line (TC-2), e-LAN, SIP Voice/ISDN and Partner Link. Prices are exclusive of GST.

NBN™ Enterprise Ethernet features

NBN™ Enterprise Ethernet includes critical features for businesses.

  1. Unlimited Data

    If your business handles large amounts of data, you’ll be pleased to know our Fast Fibre plans all come with unlimited data usage for a flat monthly fee. This means you can plan your business budget, confident in the knowledge there’ll be no nasty Bill Shock down the track.

  2. Symmetrical Speeds

    Data over Enterprise Ethernet comes with a symmetrical profile – same upload and download speeds. For applications such as cloud computing and video conferencing, uploads can be just as important as downloads in order to help ensure consistent connectivity and performance.

  3. Static IP Address

    Allows your team to be able to access your network remotely. Whether you are running a web server, connecting your office to another location via VPN, or administering your network remotely, you will require a Static IP address.
    Also ensures the smooth operation of network devices such as printers, desktops etc.

Benefits of NBN™ Enterprise Ethernet

Below are some reasons customers choose NBN™ Enterprise Ethernet with UnifiedNet™.

Flexible Data Option

Priority Data

At times data over the nbn™ network exceeds the capacity of the network, causing congestion. But not all data is equal – with Enterprise Ethernet’s priority data option, your business applications can be prioritised ahead of other residential and business data using the nbn™ network. This means that for the applications using priority data, there should be less congestion, providing a reliable, high performing service to your business.

Revolutionary Tech

Flexible and Scalable

Enterprise Ethernet is designed so that as your business changes – such as an increase of employees, or the adoption of more bandwidth-heavy applications – it can be scaled based on your needs. So you can continue being productive, collaborative and innovative, now and into the future.


Business Class Service and Support

Above average response times, priority customer service, and on-call support are standard with UnifiedNet™. If your business needs help, we’re committed to getting you back up and running. With our business class nbn™ service, you will have full access to our Australian-based customer support team from Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5.30pm AEDT.

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