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To make things easy, we've put all our terms and conditions, policies, plans details and contact information in one place.

Our Customer Terms

For information regarding the terms and conditions of our product and services, please see our:

Customer Terms


Privacy Statement

For information about our privacy practices, including how we handle your information, the credit reporting bodies we work with and are likely to disclose information to, how to access or correct our records, or make a complaint, please see our: 

Privacy Statement


Critical Information Summaries

Our Critical Information Summaries contains detailed information relevant to your products and services in plain language that is easy to understand. Please ask us for a copy of your Service-specific Critical Information Summary or check it out from below:


3CX CloudPhone CIS

Business FlexiSIP CIS

Business Inbound CIS

NBN Business CIS

NBN Enterprise CIS

Fast Fibre CIS

Telstra Fibre CIS

Business Smart Mobile 24M CIS

Business Smart Mobile M-to-M CIS

Business Mobile 24M CIS

Business Mobile M-to-M CIS

Mobile Broadband 24M CIS


Contact Us

Please use the contact details below to contact us in relation to any of the above matters.

Attention: Compliance Manager

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