Inbound Service Options

Inbound Services are fully featured virtual call routing solutions making it easier for customers to contact your business. Choose either a 13, 1300 or 1800 number and get connected today.
Inbound Service requirements: - Our plans include origin based routing (state, exchange area, postcode and mobile location), time dependant routing, call overflow, call splaying and customised voice response. A fixed landline or mobile is required for the answering point. 13/1300 Numbers include forwarding to fixed local numbers free for the first 20 minutes and then charged the standard per minute rate. All plans and call rates mentioned are exclusive of GST.

Increase your visibility with 13, 1300 or 1800 Numbers

Advanced call routing features to help your business stand out

  1. Virtual Number

    Flexible number which is not tied to a physical address and can be answered from anywhere, on any device.

  2. Call Overflow

    Allows a call to be diverted to another phone number if it’s taking too long to be answered.

  3. Time-Based Routing

    Time-based routing involves diverting calls to a specific phone number based on the time of day.

Streamline your communications with our Inbound Services

Inbound Services are virtual which means they sit in the cloud and direct calls based on pre-determined call routing rules, to a specific answering point.

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Nationwide Number

Advertise one centralised number nationally, so customers always know how to contact you.

13_1300_1800 Marketing

Streamlined Marketing

Allow your marketing efforts to continue generating a return no matter where your physical location may be.

Enjoy Business Class Support

Never miss a call

Create an ideal call management process using advanced features and functions.

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