Business SIP Flexi™ UNLIMITED Plans

If your business is continuously on the phone, our flexible Unlimited plans can cater to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Pricing starts from $26 per channel per month which includes Unlimited Local, National and Calls to Australian Mobiles.

Business SIP Flexi™ PAYG Plans

If your business makes minimal calls, our flexible PAYG (Pay As You Go) plans can cater to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Pricing starts from $8 per channel per month. Call charges are pay-as-you-go based on the following call rates.
Plan Requirements: Business SIP Flexi™ plan requires a minimum of 4 Channels which includes 4 concurrent calls simultaneously. Additional channels are available and can be added with a set of 2 channels. It requires a reliable fixed internet service. Each SIP trunk requires a minimum of 100kbps of uncongested upstream and downstream bandwidth to experience the best quality. Additionally, a SIP compatible PBX. In some cases, you may need to upgrade your existing PBX with a SIP module that enables the integration. All prices mentioned are exclusive of GST.

Business SIP Flexi™ Features

What are the core features of SIP Flexi™?

  1. Keep your Number

    Port all your business numbers across so there is no need to change any marketing or contact details.

  2. Caller Line Identification

    Calling Line Identification (CLI) allows you to see the telephone number of the person calling before you answer your phone.

  3. Business Continuity

    We host our SIP trunks in the cloud so in the event of a failure, your phone is automatically diverted to another number for instance a mobile number.

Benefits of Business SIP Flexi™

There are many reasons to choose SIP Flexi™ with UnifiedNet, below are some to name a few.

Competitive Rates


Only pay for what you use with our low monthly PAYG plan or save big with our great value unlimited calling plan.

Quick Setup


FlexiSIP is hosted in the cloud, making it extremely quick to deploy due to its plug-and-play nature.

We’re Australia’s Business Network


FlexiSIP scales incredibly effectively. Only pay for the number of lines your business needs and utilise them across any number of handset extensions.

Flexible Call Routing


Compatible with a wide range of SIP or PABX devices and third-party fixed line internet connections.


nbn™ Ready

Compatible with nbn™. Seamlessly migrate your nbn service and office telephony.

Auto Attendant

Business Class Service

Above average response times, priority customer service, and on-call support are standard with UnifiedNet. If your business needs help, we’re committed to getting you back up and running.

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