What is a PABX?

Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) essentially gives your business a private telephone exchange solely for your purposes. Rather than connecting a whole bunch of landlines to the public network, PABX allows extensions to be built from the same telephone number while taking care of the switching and connecting internally. Not only does this make future growth far easier to implement, but it also provides significant cost and efficiency savings when compared to operating multiple landlines.

PABX allows for a complex web of multiple network connections, facilitating business communications as they grow and adapt. As a result, the system can handle an impressively high volume of incoming and outgoing calls, which can be expanded with additional hardware installations.


Easy to Manage

Effortlessly manage and modify your phone system via our online web portal and empower your workforce with mobile apps so they can make and receive business calls on the go.

Scalable Phones


Efficiently scale your operations by deploying as many handsets as required across any number of voice lines.

Auto Attendant

Business Class Service

Above average response times, priority customer service, and on-call support are standard with UnifiedNet. If your business needs help, we’re committed to getting you back up and running.

Standard Router

nbn™ Ready

Compatible with nbn™. Seamlessly migrate your nbn service and office telephony.

Competitive Rates


Break free from monthly per user based licensing and reduce your costs by up to 50%.

Flexible Call Routing

Business Continuity

In the rare instance your internet experienced an outage, our automatic failover would forward all calls to external number.

PABX Features

Scaling your operations with PABX and SIP is easy, cost-effective and flexible.

  1. Effective Scaling

    Break free from per-user licensing and share your phone lines across as many handset extensions as you like.  20-30 phone lines could facilitate up to 200 handset extensions, heavily reducing monthly service costs.

  2. Internal Calls

    Employees can call each other by dialling their respective extension number.  This call happens natively within the PABX and as such is free of cost.

  3. Redundancy

    In the event of a system failure, your phone calls will automatically be diverted to another number

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