What are the benefits of MDM?

Six reasons your business should consider mobile device management.

Mobile Device Management

Remote Device Access

Remotely access company devices so in the event of theft, the business can block access to the device and stop an unruly party from accessing its data.

Data Security & Backup

Enhanced Security

Maintain an additional security layer on the employees’ mobile devices, thus helping them keep their data safe.


Enhanced Update and Support

Access mobile devices and push the new updates and provide support to the devices. This ensures all devices are compliant with the latest updates and policies at all times.


Better Application Control

Control which applications employees can use. It helps control the data being used by applications.

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Device Tracking

Set geo-locks on company assets to ensure the device and data are always secure.


Remote Device Erase

Remotely erase the data on company devices. With this capability, company data is ensured at all times.

MDM Features

Our mobile device management plans include the following features as standard.

  1. Enrollment


    Batch enrollment

    SMS enrollment

    Quick enrollment without authentication

    QR code enrollment

    ROM-based enrollment

  2. Remote Actions

    Scan device

    Scan device location

    Lock device

    Clear passcode

    Wipe device

    Clear activation lock

    Install application

  3. Location Tracking

    Location view of a single device

    Location history

    Delete location history

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