What is Managed WiFi?

Offering wireless internet to employees, guests and customers has become essential for most businesses. However, that can be risky. Your business can be investigated for any laws that people break when they’re using your internet connection. Visitors and employees could also expose your network to malware, which can slow down the internet for the entire business and put sensitive information at risk.

Managed WiFi is a cloud based solution that allows UnifiedNet™ to manage, control, and troubleshoot a business’s WiFi network while reducing capital expenditure on hardware and ensuring the network is both secure and operating at peak performance. Each visitor or customer connecting to your wireless network using the our service is authenticated using our globally positioned servers. Their details are collected and stored for reference at a later date if required.

Lightning Fast Internet


Managed WiFi securely and automatically swaps your device's connection to the access point with the best signal



Onsite IT support is not needed to ensure the solution is installed, deployed, and actively monitored.

We’re Australia’s Business Network


Managed WiFi ensures scalability, allowing growth to not be inhibited by a network's connectivity capabilities

Managed WiFi Key Features

A reliable wireless network for businesses combined with a next-generation platform for building an intelligent multichannel customer experience.

  1. Authentication

    Authenticate your customers via Email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Loyalty card, PMS or a vouchers code.

  2. Branding

    After authentication, we redirect the client to any website. This could be a company branded page providing them with additional information.

  3. Bandwidth Allocation

    Set parameters for different types of authentication, bandwidth limitation, time period, slower speed access or high-speed access.

Benefits of Managed WiFi?

Embrace the power of wireless

Premium Router

Seamless WiFi

Give your customers simple to use, secure & reliable WiFi access. Create a user environment where your customers can be assured their data is protected at all times.


Tailored User Experience

A unique customer centric mobile experience is essential to enhance your customers journey & add brand value. Login via social media, email & SMS, guest messaging & user profiling becomes highly personalised.

Scalable Phones

Analytical Insights

An easy to navigate browser based dashboard which allows informative management decisions to be made, based on direct user location activity data, you can learn more about who your customers are.


Rules Engine

Dynamically served marketing messages & redirect to specific content for different user demographics, location, last purchase & new vs. returning visitors.


Beacon Technology

Our beacon technology pinpoints device location & provides a heatmap of visitors which enables location based marketing messages.

Revolutionary Tech

Flexibility in Design

Our wireless platform is purely cloud based, serving customers around the globe.

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