What is a Managed Router?

UnifiedNet’s managed routers eliminate the need to buy network routers, ensuring that you can divert your IT resources towards more business-critical projects.
A managed router provides an advanced solution to manage your network, offering provisioning, configuration, change management, and monitoring in a single solution.

Dual Sim Mobile Broadband


Rest assured knowing your business will always be online with dual Ethernet WAN ports and a full access 4G backup with automatic failover.

We’re Australia’s Business Network


Easily and seamlessly setup a new company location by adding a second managed router to your network.

Auto Attendant


Proactive monitoring and priority customer service so your business can focus on doing what you do best.

Managed Routers Key Features

A reliable connection is paramount for any organization.  Aside from reliable and fast connectivity, your business also requires robust security measures as well.

Using UnifiedNet’s Managed Routers, you get the power and performance of an enterprise router at your office.  By combining advanced routing controls with integrated 4G,  our managed routers keep you going even when your primary link fails.

  1. 4G Backup

    UnifiedNet’s Managed Router’s are paired with 4G Backup so in the unlikely event your internet goes offline, automatic failover will continue to hold up your operations.

  2. Proactive Monitoring

    When 4G backup kicks in, our team will already know of the primary link failure and can quickly work behind the scenes to resolve this.

  3. Multiple WAN

    Run up to 3 WAN links in either load balancing or redundancy failover for the most robust network.

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