What is a Managed Firewall?

A Managed Firewall is a combination of hardware and service that prevents unauthorised network access whilst permitting users to access verified external data.

UnifiedNet’s Managed Firewalls offer comprehensive network, web application and email security solutions which ensure secure remote access and data leakage prevention.


Peace of Mind

UnifiedNet's Managed Firewall secures your network from a number of cyber threats including ransonware, viruses, botnet, data leakage, phishing emails and ensuring only approved traffic gets into your network.

Data Security & Backup

Data Protection

Simple, effective data leakage prevention scan outbound messages for sensitive keywords, expressions and attached file types.


Threat Response

With a simplified web based GUI management interface we can remotely monitor and analyze threats in real time and generate reports and diagnostics of any security threats on your network.

Why Do I Need A Network Firewall?

A firewall is an essential part of your business’ security system. Without it, your network is open to threats. A firewall keeps destructive and disruptive forces out, and controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on security parameters that you can control and refine.

Cybercrime is growing rampantly across Australia. Don’t let your business be the next victim.  Protect yourself with UnifiedNet’s Managed Firewall.

  1. Advanced Threat Protection

    UnifiedNet’s Managed Firewall delivers advanced threat protection to instantly identify bots and other advanced threats while defending your network from today’s sophisticated attacks.

  2. Business Applications

    Combine next-gen firewall capabilities with our enterprise-class web application firewall to protect your critical business applications from hacks and attacks while still enabling authorized access.

  3. Email and Data

    Protect your email from spam, phishing, and data loss with our unique all-in-one protection that combines policy-based email encryption with DLP and anti-spam.

  4. Web Protection

    Web Protection engine includes innovative technologies required to identify and block the latest web threats.

  5. Deep Packet Inspection

    The Deep-Packet Inspection (DPI) engine provides high-performance traffic scanning for IPS, AV, Web Protection, and App Control in a single streaming engine.

  6. Zero-Day and ML Protection

    Leverages industry-leading machine learning technology to instantly identify the latest ransomware and unknown threats before they get on your network

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