How a VPN works

Private IP ‘packets’ are transmitted over the Virtual Private Network through VPN gateways and client software, which are configured with private VPN addresses.  When they see a packet addressed to one of these private locations, they wrap the packet inside a packet with public addresses (a wrapper) and route it through the Internet to a gateway at the other location.  The gateway then removes the wrapper and transmits the private packet onto the local network.


Revolutionary Tech


Instantly share voice, data and video applications with anyone in the network

Data Security & Backup


Prevent outside intrusion with inbuilt security features

Competitive Rates


Lower costs and improve productivity by reducing the need to travel

We’re Australia’s Business Network


Allow for more employees to work remotely, further reducing costs

Scalable Phones


Use performance reports to obtain insights and directly control productivity improvements

Flexible Data Option


Guarantee bandwidth for demanding applications like HD video conferencing with low latency and packet loss.

Features of a Private Network?

Your fully managed VPN comes with:

  1. $0 Installation

    Like the sound of $0 capital expenditure upfront? Your Private Network comes with $0 standard installation on a 36 month contract, with free dedicated Static IP addresses.

  2. Flexible Terms

    At UnifiedNet™ you can choose from 24 or 36 month contract terms to suit your budget and business needs. And with fixed pricing, you’ll be able to budget ahead, always knowing what your monthly bill will be.

  3. Low Contention & High SLA

    Our Private Networks offer premium business grade connectivity, with a 1:1 contention ratio (exclusive access) and service availability (SLA) of no less than 99.95% where possible.

  4. Flexible Hardware Options

    We make having a Virtual Private Network affordable by providing flexible hardware options.  Use your own managed router or choose our Managed Routing services that come pre-configured, delivered and ready to go.

  5. Best Value

    Our rates are among the best in the industry and we ensure our offerings include the highest possible value for our customers.

  6. Business Support

    UnifiedNet™ is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience.

    We go above and beyond for our clients providing an Australian based dedicated account manager from Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5.30pm AEDT.

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