Fast Fibre Optic Internet

Want super-fast fibre for your business at an affordable price?

With a choice of 24, 36 & 60 month terms, our Fast Fibre service delivers bandwidth/speeds of both 400Mbps and 1000Mbps for any businesses with 10 to 500 users, starting from a very affordable $390 ex GST per month.

Fast Fibre Optic Internet Business Plans

Get Fast Fibre with Super-Fast speeds at rates every business can afford.
Fast Fibre 1000Mbps Promo Plans Offer: Standard pricing of $770/month reduced to $695/month and $1,075/month reduced to $995/month. This promotional pricing offer is valid until 31 July 2018. Please see our Fast Fibre Promo Plans - CIS for more details.
Please Note: Customer’s equipment and internal cabling may be required from the network boundary to the MDF (Main Distribution Frame) and from the MDF to the UnifiedNet™ NTU (Network Termination Unit) or Modem. Customer require a compatible router/firewall on their premises or get UnifiedNet™ Managed Router option. Additional Fibre build charges and technician visit may apply. These additional fees are not known until after the technician visit.

Check Fast Fibre availability for your business today.

We only have eyes for business

At UnifiedNet™, we don’t cater for residential users, and our strictly business-centric focus means we can provide super-fast, reliable and very affordable connectivity to our business clients plus a superior customer experience.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established company, we have a connectivity solution to suit your needs. And unlike some providers, our fees are affordable for every business.


We also include $0 standard installation

Like to pay nothing upfront? You can with our Fast Fibre plans, which include $0 standard installation with a 36 month contract. You’ll also receive a free dedicated Static IP address with all our Fast Fibre plans.


Enjoy unlimited data for a flat monthly fee

If your business handles large amounts of data, you’ll be pleased to know our Fast Fibre plans all come with unlimited data usage for a flat monthly fee. That means you can send and receive as much data as your business requires, from high volume emails to large file transfers, without exceeding caps or paying extra charges.

And our fixed monthly fee means you can plan your business budget, confident in the knowledge there’ll be no nasty Bill Shock down the track.


High SLA and low contention ratio

Our Fast Fibre plans tick all the right boxes for fast, reliable business connectivity, with a 1:1 contention ratio (exclusive access) and service availability (SLA) of no less than 99.95%.


We’re extremely well connected

Rather than depending on third parties to provide us with the speed and performance we demand for our customers, we took things into our own hands and built our own network from the ground up.

Our next-generation network (NGN) offers a dedicated connection that’s optimised to directly control the path in which data is sent and received … something that no individual IP can offer.


We guarantee best price

Our rates are highly competitive and we ensure we’re providing the best possible value by offering the UnifiedNet™ Price Guarantee. What that means is if a potential business customer finds a better rate for the same service* with one of our competitors, we guarantee we will beat any price from any providers in Australia.


Business Class support for our customers

UnifiedNet™ takes customer experience seriously. So much so in fact, we operate regular customer surveys and the results are published every month on our website.

We also provide above average customer response time, meaning you will have full access to your dedicated business account manager based in Australia, Monday to Friday, 8.30am-5.30pm AEDT.


How Fast Fibre works

Fibre Internet transmits data in the form of light signals along fibre optic cables made from glass or plastic. Large amounts of data can be transmitted over longer distances and in a shorter period of time than either cable or DSL can achieve, making fibre the perfect tool for data-heavy procedures such as supporting web applications and transferring large files.

Business fibre is more durable than copper and less prone to disruption and extreme climate conditions and should be the first choice for businesses requiring speed and reliability in their day to day operations.


Request a Fast Fibre availability check for your business today

Our Fast Fibre service is generally available in very limited parts of the CBD and greater metro areas. To check if your business can have access to our Fast Fibre service, call us on 1300 130 111. Or please enter your details in the fields below and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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