Critical Information Summaries

Our Critical Information Summaries contains detailed information relevant to your products and services in plain language that is easy to understand. Please ask us for a copy of your Service-specific Critical Information Summary or check it out from below:

    1. NBN™ Plans – CIS (PDF)
    2. ADSL Plans – CIS (PDF)
    3. Standard Ethernet Plans – CIS (PDF)
    4. Premium Ethernet Plans – CIS (PDF)
    5. Fibre Plans – CIS (PDF)
    6. Fast Fibre Plans – CIS (PDF)
    7. Fast Fibre Promo Plans – CIS (PDF)
    8. Mobile Broadband Plans – CIS (PDF)
    9. CloudPhone™ Plans – CIS (PDF)
    10. PSTN Line Plans – CIS (PDF)

Please use the contact details below to contact us in relation to any of the above matters.

Attention: Compliance Manager
Mail: PO Box A2233 Sydney South NSW 1235

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